Editing your website files live in Linux/Ubuntu without FTP client

Whenever I work on small web projects I tend to edit files live to speed up the process. I used to use Filezilla FTP client for this purpose although every time you’re saving the file, Filezilla asks you if you want to overwrite the file. This becomes a little bit annoying over time.
On another note, If you’re developing on Windows I suggest you look at WinSCP free FTP client that will let you edit file live and won’t bug you every time you’re saving it.

If you like to develop websites using Ubuntu Linux I suggest using native file explorer called Nautilus to access your FTP files.

Nautilus Location box

Nautilus let’s you mount FTP resource as a folder and edit files on the fly.
To set it up go to “Places” >> “Home Folder” in the top bar or type in “nautilus” in the terminal. After application loaded click on “Go” >> “Location”. In the Location box type in the following: ftp://ftpusername@yourdomain.com (you can also use IP address instead of domain). For secure ftp just change the protocol name to sftp://. Once you connected successfully a new window will open with your ftp resource. Now you can just click and edit the file with your favorite file editor.

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