Editing your website files live in Linux/Ubuntu without FTP client

Whenever I work on small web projects I tend to edit files live to speed up the process. I used to use Filezilla FTP client for this purpose although every time you’re saving the file, Filezilla asks you if you want to overwrite the file. This becomes a little bit annoying over time.
On another note, If you’re developing on Windows I suggest you look at WinSCP free FTP client that will let you edit file live and won’t bug you every time you’re saving it.
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Bilingual websites made easy

Most of us would probably agree that if you wanted to create a single language website and wanted it to be accessible to the broadest audience, you should write the content in the English language. Although the English language has become international, there are still many countries where it is not spoken. What do you do if you want your website to be easily accessible for viewers from specific nationalities? You simply include multilingual content on your website.
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